Flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to an end?

Over two years ago, Waseem, Fraz and Hirra and another Fraz came together and set out to design the first ever e-commerce info-portal, in Pakistan. Their goal was empowering small businesses to break through territorial and technological constraints and sell their products and services across the country.

They worked hard to build a beautiful portal, populated it with valuable local information for each major region, and for nearly 2 years updated and maintained its systems and infrastructure – whilst looking forward to people coming to utilise its potential.

Every month, 200-300 people used PakDirect to explore Pakistan. But, this was not enough.

The unfortunate lack of support for start-ups, little public awareness, culture of reluctance to adopt innovative ideas, massive red-tape and substandard IT facilities in the country made it harder to turn the portal into a viable and sustainable business concern.

Eventually, like most startups go down, all these issues forced them to consider abandoning their initiative.

Whilst they somehow managed to keep PakDirect portal online for more than the anticipated period of time, Facebook and Google’s entry in local e-commerce space turned out to be the last straw. 

All of these issues proved impossible to overcome, eventually leading the administrators of PakDirect to turning off PakDirect’s costly life support. 

The plug has been pulled, and PakDirect has now gone offline closing down permanently :-(

If you’re interested in buying Pak.Direct Domain Name, please send a message on https://celestial.tech/contact/ and we will pass on your offer to PakDirect shareholders. This domain name will be listed for sale on Afternic or SEDO in due course.

We thank those of you that used Pak.Direct over the last 2 years to explore Pakistan.

Wishing you all the best.

Khuda hafiz! 

PakDirect IT and Adminstration Team

On behalf of Pak Direct (Pvt) Ltd

13th Aug 2018